Saturday, January 29, 2011

Refrigerator Pickled Jalapenos

Back when I got into jarring/canning, we were big into going to the farmer's market and picking up fresh fruits/veggies and canning everything under the sun. I started making refrigerator pickled jalapeno's for Dave because we found a bushel of them for really cheap!! Well now whenever I find these babies on sale, I pick up a crapload and pickle them for him. They are usually twice as big as the ones you get in the jars on the shelves and I can make them a heck of a lot tastier ;O). Hope you enjoy!

The jalapeno's at the store today were huge!!! Usually I wait for a sale, but I just couldn't pass them up.

As many jalapenos as you can fit into whatever jar you are using...Cram 'em in there!!!
Distilled white vinegar
2 - 3 heaping tbsp minced garlic
2 -3 tbsp crushed red pepper
1 heaping tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt

To prepare the jalapenos, wash them very well. I trim the ends off, so they don't take up precious space. I also take a sharp knife, and slice just a couple of holes in the peppers, so the brine will seep into the peppers, and help them sink, rather than float when I pour the brine into the jar. I clean the jar very well and stuff those beautiful peppers into the jar as many as I can get. Once you pour the hot brine over them, they will also shrink. While you are doing this, you can bring the vinegar, sugar and salt to a boil and just let it cook for about 4 - 5 minutes. Continue stuffing the jalapenos into the jar. Add the garlic and the crushed red peppers. When the vinegar has been boiling for a few minutes, bring the jar over to the vinegar. Begin ladleing the brine into the jar up to the rim. You will have air pockets...make sure you use a plastic handled spoon to try and remove some of the air pockets. A metal handle may actually shatter the jar. If you find some of the liquid has receded, add more. Seal the jar. Cool completely before you put into the refrigerator. Let the jalapeno's pickle for about 2 weeks before you eat them.

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