Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hot Sausage Won-Tons

Wowza...It has been a long time since I posted a recipe...I am such a bad girl. I didn't realize how long it has been. The parentals were down for a nice visit and we took a nice little road trip to PA. When we got home, we (I) had a craving for eggrolls so we made some. After they left, we (I) had a craving for Won-tons so I used the same basic filling for the Won-tons. They were sooo yummy. I guess you can say I have been on an oriental kick lately. Hope you enjoy.

1 pkg won-ton wrappers
6 Hot sausages, casings removed
4 carrots, diced into VERY small pieces
4 celery stalks, diced into VERY small pieces
1 small leek, diced into VERY small pieces
1 clove elephant garlic, diced into VERY small pieces
8 mint leaves, chopped
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp red curry paste
3 tbsp beef stock
1 tbsp flour
2 eggs, beaten

In a large skillet, brown the sausage, making sure to break it up into very small chunks. Once browned, remove and set aside. Add the leek, carrots, celery, and garlic and cook until almost done. While sauteeing the veggies, add the mint leaves, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, red curry paste and beef stock and and continue to cook until veggies are tender. Add the sausage back in. Sprinkle the flour over top and mix in to the filling. You want to make sure there is no liquid in the mixture. Remove from heat.
Prepare an area for you to work. You will need a plate or something large to place the Won-tons once you have finished making them. Take one of the won-ton wrappers with a corner facing you (they are shaped in a square). Take about a teaspoon and 1/2 of filling and place in the center of the won-ton wrapper. With your beaten egg, baste the outer edges of the wrapper (the two sides away from you). Take the corner of the won-ton facing you and fold over the filling making sure to seal all edges. You should end up with a triangled pocket. Then just fold the corners over. Continue doing this until you have gone through all of the wrappers.
In a non-stick skillet, spray liberally with Pam or 1/2 tsp vegetable oil. Make sure the pan is coated. On medium heat, making sure not to overcrowd the won-tons, place them on one side for about 5 - 7 minutes until they begin to brown. Flip and brown the other side. Remove from heat. They were super Yummy!! We served them with the following sauce:

Won-ton Sauce:

1/4 Beef Stock
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp Chili sauce
1 tsp flour

Mix all ingredients and heat to thicken. This was a really add to taste type of recipe so these are the basic ingredients and Dave kept adding to taste. So if you find something overpowering, or not enough, just add a bit more of one ingredient and make it to your liking.

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