Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pickled Red Onions

Now you may be thinking HUH? Why would you pickle onions?, my father eats these by the truck load, and two, they go awesome on a pulled pork sandwich! Now grant it, all of the jars I made were packed away nicely into a sturdy box and made their way across a few states. They now currently reside in Tennessee with my father just waiting for the day that he will open them and start eating them right out of the jar...but I digress. This is so easy and so utterly tasty. You can make refrigerated pickled onions and they will last for weeks, or you can go the extra step and process them in a water bath for 10 minutes which is what I did so my dad could keep them for a while. It is your basic brine along with onions. When I made these, I actually used about eight very LARGE red onions and really doubled the brine recipe, but if you are looking to just make this for a tasty pulled pork sandwich, go ahead and just use one or two red onions.

My father can't have a lot of salt in his diet so you may want to add a bit more salt and sugar in your brine. I would mix the brine and do a quick taste test to make sure it is not to HOLY COW for you.

8 - 9 large red onions
8 cups cider vinegar
3 tbsp pickling salt
2 tbsp sugar

Peel and thinly slice the onions into half shaped moons. In hot, sterilized jars, pack as many onions as you can fit into one jar. Don't be afraid to smoosh them down. Once the hot liquid hits the onions, they will actually shrink a bit so it will create space in the jar. In a large sauce pan, bring the vinegar, salt and sugar to a boil. Ladle the hot liquid into the jars with the onions, seal and process the jars according to manufacturer's directions in a water bath. Remove the hot jars and let cool in a non-draft area of your kitchen. Once cooled, make sure all of the jars have sealed. For those jars that have not sealed, you can turn those into your refrigerator onions. What you will get is a beautiful pink hued jar of onions that will be absolutely fantastic with your meals.

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