Monday, December 26, 2011

Steak Panini w/a Chipotle Mayonnaise

Are you all tired of me yet? We had left over steak from our last night's raviolis. My parents bought us a Cuisinart Griddler as a Christmas present, with a waffle attachment. We thought we would try it out tonight. We went to the store and bought a loaf of sour dough bread and sliced it and decided to make a panini with the left over steak from last night. I whipped up some chipotle mayonnaise and bought a few other things and the panini we made was mm mm good. That Griddler was awesome! It worked perfectly and the absolute wonderful thing about it, is the fact that it is dishwasher safe..hubba hubba! But seriously, I hope you enjoy the sammy!

Leftover steak, sliced as thinly as possible
Fresh spinach, enough to cover bread
Red pepper, sliced
Tomato, sliced
Brie, spreadable cheese

Chipotle Mayonnaise:
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp barbecue sauce
1 tsp Chipotle seasoning
1 tsp chili powder

Mix all seasonings together well.

For the sandwich, on one side of the bread, spread the brie cheese, and layer all ingredients. On the other side, spread the Chipotle mayonnaise. Put the sandwich together and put on the griddle.Grill until the cheese has been melted. The sandwich was fantastic.


greenfrog57 said...

Ok-- so this just made hubby's request list for menus. But, where should I buy chipotle seasoning? THANKS!

greenfrog57 said...

ok-- hubby walked up behind me and saw this on the computer. He's added it to his menu request list. But, where should I look for Chipotle seasoning? Is it a blend or just smoked pepper? THANKS!

Phaedra said...

Hey Greenfrog..Not sure where you are located, but we have a Penzeys located near us where we purchase the Chipotle Pepper (ground). It is just ground up dried chipotle peppers. If you have a spice store near you you can could probably purchase it, or you can even go to and buy it on line. It is excellent in mexican dishes, so the spice is very versatile!